Karma Moffett link
Karma Moffett creates a beautiful sound experience
to accompany meditation, yoga, and healing.

Rejuve   Rejuvenate with "Rejuve",
  Original compositions by jazz pianist
  Tammy Hall created with the intention of assisting wellness.

  All-original music to comfort, inspire and encourage—played     in a soft, soothing style using specially tuned pianos, with violin and percussion.

    Emile Coue'
“Day by Day, in every way,
    I am getting better and better”.

    World Community for Christian Meditation

silva link
    Brother Camillus studied with Jose Silva.


NCCAM     National Institutes of Health
National Center for Comlementary and Alternative Medicine

Meditation for Health Purposes

Meditation May Make Information Processing In the Brain More Efficient

In the Classroom, a New Focus on Quieting the Mind - about children and meditation in schools by Patrick Leigh Brown, 2007

The Method of Centering Prayer - by Thomas Keating

Resting in God - by By Anne A. Simpkinson, about Thomas Keating

Instructions in Passage Meditation - by Dr. Stephen Ruppenthal